First shipment of the CILA2S to Egypt

This first semester of 2017, BCP BRA through the requirement of NETZSCH-BRAZIL, called AGIBA PROJECT to Egypt market, developed a new design of CILA2S to attend severe operating conditions that will be working at a desert environment. The CILA2S MEDIUM (NETZSCH) will operate at surface with NETZSCH multiphase screw pumps (MSP) and at least needed to have a IP65 (NEMA 4) class. The desert conditions could be said as high temperature during day (above 50║C) and approximately zero║C at night with dust storms frequently.
This CILA2S 30HP Medium designed was really special because in the cabinet, it was installed with two C2S BCP GROUP 30HP inverter mdules (BRAZILIAN version), with a DPS for power surge protection, forced fan to guaranteed the inside temperature safety conditions and also a stack light with 3 colors operating system and sound alarm in case of any failure appeared. The CILA2S will be installed outside classified area that will be connected with a skid that will have two Multi Screw Pumps and a junction box in a classified area. All the integral solution (CILA2S + NETZSCH MSP) will be operate in a stand-alone condition.
This project was our first sale at BCP GROUP companies to Egypt market. It was delivered to NETZSCH last month at 16 June in 2017. NETZSCH-BRAZIL in this moment is shipping the integral solution to the final client. According to NETZSCH-BRAZIL now, it was not established a startup schedule and will wait a formal requirement of the client.
Afterwards this first project, BCP BRA already took two others similar projects to Egypt Market and according to Eng. Antonio Castilhos (NETZSCH MSP Global Head of Product Line) there is an expansion in Egypt market that NETZSCH-Brazil is gradually attending and offering high technology solutions with the BCP GROUP support.