Multiphase Intelligent Pumping System.

The MIPS® (Multiphase Intelligent Pumping System) is designed for the handling, transport, and injection of fluids for different operational solutions, using artificial intelligence techniques for self-learning, such as Machine Learning, and multivariable control techniques.

The BCPGroup has developed the MIPS® system specially for surface crude oil handling and transportation applications. It can also be applied to water injection programs. The MIPS® intelligent controller is integrated into the pumping, conveying and fluid injection system. With the AVAS® (Added-Value Applications) suite of value-added applications, embedded in the MIPS®, designed by using mathematical algorithms, fuzzy logic, and artificial intelligence, users can achieve monitoring, control and optimization of the profitability and life cycle of the fluid transport and / or injection process.

MIPS® Benefits
  1. Effective control of the fluid injection, handling, and surface flow transport process.
  2. Reduction of energy consumption (cost reduction).
  3. Operation in the zone of optimum system efficiency.
  4. Safe operating conditions.
  5. Program for easy maintenance.
  6. Technical support in the field.
  7. MIPS® Integrated System.
  8. Monitoring and control of all process variables.
  9. AVAS® suite of value-added applications.
  10. ISO-9001, ISO-14001, OHSAS-18001, UL Certifications.
  11. Experience-based control systems, through self-learning application, based on Machine Learning, as an Artificial Intelligence technique.
  12. Communication ports for integration and communication of control systems to SCADA and Control Systems.
  13. SkyView® Cloud - Real-time monitoring of MIPS® system conditions.

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