SkyView® Cloud

SkyView® Cloud is a remote monitoring and control solution for artificial lift systems that offers a flexible, reliable, and robust communication architecture, using different data transmission and acquisition media, such as cellular GPRS, 3G/4G, satellite and radio link infrastructure for web-based monitoring.

SkyView® Cloud allows field operators to monitor and manage key aspects of each artificial system. With this solution operators can access conditions of a field, focus on problems, and review detailed performance data from an easy-to-use application. If a problem occurs and the artificial lift system is not working within the specified limits, a supervisor can be notified by email or through a text message BCPGroup currently designs, develops, maintains, and provides telemetry services to remotely monitor artificial lift systems in Oil & Gas Well fields, integrating all information to a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition system (SCADA) on the web.

SkyView® Cloud Features:
  1. Allows communication via cellular GPRS, 3G/4G, satellite and radio.
  2. Ease of integration with business systems.
  3. Industry standard Protocols (Ethernet, Modbus RTU/TCP, DNP3, OPC).
  4. Web service in the cloud that does not require complex, local equipment.
  5. Adapts to system requirements and existing and new platforms.
  6. Encrypted information to protect against cyber-attacks and false signals.
  7. Has robust, precise processing for handling large, consistent amounts of data.
  8. Does not require specialized knowledge for its operation.
  9. Access from anywhere using mobile devices.
  10. Remote monitoring of well pads and facilities.
  11. Centralized data collecting and reporting.
  12. Wellsite optimization using data analytics and artificial intelligence.
  13. Asset monitoring and predictive analytics.
  14. HMI Customization.

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