Magneto ESP

Intelligent System for Electro Submersible Pumps – ESP with Downhole Permanent Magnet Motor (PMM).

It is an Artificial Lift system with electro-centrifugal power to transport large fluid rates from the downhole to the surface. In the downhole it uses a pump designed in stages, each stage consisting of a dynamic impeller and a static diffuser. On the surface, the system has an intelligent controller (CILA2S) for oil production, either in the individual CILA2S configuration or in the multiple configurations of the advanced Well pad Optimization System (WOS). This system allows a critical energy consumption reduction due to the use of downhole PMM, improving the performance of the entire system when adverse conditions in the well are present.

  1. Complete ESP solution, downhole and surface fully integrated.
  2. PMM maximum efficiency, downhole and surface solution, with low energy consumption.
  3. Exclusive closed loop control (F.O.C. - Flux Oriented Control), which increases the oil well productivity, increase energy savings and increment the power factor.
  4. Integrated downhole sensor with event intelligent recorder.
  5. High performance in the detection of backspin for a controlled re-start.
  6. Backing of physical pressure sensor with virtual pressure sensor.
  7. Detection and flushing standard control of gas interference condition (GasLock).
  8. Better performance against viscous and unstable low and high content of solid impurities.
  9. Lower specific heat release per unit of power due to PMM utilization.
  10. Ease of control and adjustment of the main operating variables main operating variables necessary to control the well performance thanks to the applications installed in the Controller for Artificial Lift Systems (CILA2S MAGNETO).
  11. Reduced pump vibrations and increased pump reliability due to precision design.
  12. Applications for different casing diameters.
  13. High abrasion resistance.
  14. Radial or mixed ow stages, according to design and requirements.
  15. 24 months warranty.
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