Cila2S 5G Magneto

Intelligent Universal Controller for Operation of PMM Pumps with AFE (Active Front End) Technology

The CILA2S 5G MAGNETO provides relevant information to develop different maintenance plans for the equipment, continuously monitoring the operation and status of the drive's internal components. Through the SWC Pro control module, variables are analyzed in real time to generate diagnostics that helps to prevent or predict possible equipment failures, avoiding unplanned system downtime.

High-level automation integrated with state-of-the-art power electronics control components for variable speed drives with AFE technology makes the CILA2S® 5G MAGNETO the most complete solution available for artificial lift systems. CILA2S 5G MAGNETO technology covers different areas to be considered in oil field production, such as the reduction of energy consumption and the application of the Industrial Internet of Things.

  1. Polar amperimetric chart for advanced.
  2. Performance diagnostics.
  3. IPR chart display (Index of Reservoir Productivity).
  4. Intelligent speed control of the Artificial Lift System (ALS), by optimizing the production process based on automatic speed reference suggestions.
  5. Incorporates IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) technology enabling information storage and analysis on BCPGroup SkyView Cloud platform.
  6. Reduction of harmonic distortion by minimizing disturbances to other devices on the power grid.
  7. Advanced Intelligent Run Life (IRL), providing relevant equipment information for developing maintenance plans.
  8. Advanced start-up and restart modes, focused on well care RAIS (Re-Starts Automatic Intelligent and Selective) mode.

Cila Magneto