Magneto D2H

Intelligent Down Hole Heater with Surface Permanent Magnet Motor (PMM)

The MAGNETO D2H (Down Hole Heater) consists of a series of thermo-electric resistances designed with commercial elements of artificial lift, controlled on the surface with the CILA2S MAGNETO D2H, with an innovative fluid velocity temperature control application by induced voltage, based on in the well.

There are many variables to be considered for the increase of fluid temperature (fluid velocity, flow type, type of mixture, heat, capacity, viscosity, among others), for this reason, a previous design must be carried out for each application.

MAGNETO D2H pumps are ideal for wells with high temperature, wells subjected to Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) processes, wells with Cyclic Steam Stimulation (CSS), down hole heating magnetic sleeves & wells prone to produce highly abrasive fluids. MAGNETO D2H Systems can be deployed as standard PCP with rods or Electro PCP with downhole PMM motor.

MAGNETO D2H Features
  1. Optimization of heavy production oil from wells with PCP system.
  2. Control of well temperature through variation of induced voltage and current, reducing the viscosity of the fluid.
  3. Mitigation of pipe plugging problems by crystallization of paraffin and wax.
  4. Economic saving by avoiding interventions in the well due to pipe rupture and deferred production.
  5. This system has application for other methods of artificial lifting.

Magneto D2H