Magneto® DH

Intelligent Rotation Drive Head with Surface Permanent Magnet Motor (PMM)

MAGNETO DH® Intelligent Rotation Drive Heads are robust, highly reliable and safe equipment with anti-vandalism features, manufactured with light and resistant materials, which guarantee a longer service life and continuous work even in the most hostile environments of the oil industry. Our heads are designed to allow easy operation and minimum maintenance.

MAGNETO DH® are vertical type, hollow shaft, direct drive head, dual structure, designed for 75 HP, 100 HP, 150 HP and 200 HP. They have an adjustable base that allows the installation of different PMM motor frames. The axial load supported by the MAGNETO DH® is 50,000 Lbs or 80,000 Lbs.

MAGNETO DH® Benefits
  1. Less floor space is required for head installation.
  2. Minimal maintenance and low lubrication with compact oil chamber design.
  3. MAGNETO DH® head bearing system provides vibration-free operation over an extended period.
  4. The operating speed of a PCP pump can be easily adjusted.
  5. It has a standardized flange that allows a direct connection to the well's API flange.
  6. Two adjustable bases allow mounting and installation of motors with different frame types.
  7. The drain plug and breather plug are concealed, mitigating theft.
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