About Us

BCPGroup Artificial Lift Inc. was created in 2015 as the newest company of the BCP Holding and is currently located in Houston, TX. With full manufacture, technology testing, and training capabilities, this Houston facility represents the North American Headquarters for the company and attends to the entire United States, Canada, and Mexico market needs for Artificial Lift solutions and automation, with additional local presence in Bakersfield, California and Midland, TX.

BCPGroup is the leader in artificial lift controllers and solutions with our flagship CILA2S 4G controller developed over the last 15 years with custom-built Rockwell Automation drives and features currently not available in any other controllers, and experience with over 5,000 installations across multiple countries.

BCPGroup is also unmatched in PCP experience with over 8,000 systems successfully installed downhole and a significant number of surface PCP's in our unique Compact-Multiphase Pumping solution.

BCPGroup is made up of Petroleum Engineers, Electrical Engineers, Automation Engineers, and Data Scientists entirely focused on Intelligent Artificial Lift Optimization Solutions.

Contact us to find out more about the most innovative technical and artificial lift solutions in the industry.