Intelligent Well Controllers

CILA2S 4G – Data Analyst and Self-Optimization ControllerThe CILA2S is the latest in technology for integrated intelligent controllers in the artificial lift market today. This advanced technology includes unique features and advantages to provide cost-effective production optimization of PCP, Rod Pump, and ESP systems through intelligent self-automation and remote monitoring/control capabilities.
SWC (POC)The SWC utilizes advanced processing capabilities to optimize the desired artificial lift design: SRP, PCP, ESP and is also compatible with any VSD Brand with the ability to connect through IO signals and available industrial protocols: Ethernet, Wireless Ethernet, Modbus RTU or Modbus TCP. The SWC_POC is a Well Productivity Controller that uses artificial intelligence technology to deliver maximum performance for sucker rod pumps. It is an extremely intelligent data analyst and self-optimizing well system designed report key "information" to engineers in addition to "data".